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Innovate Labs Wins the Title of Best Innovation in AR/VR

Innovate Labs was awarded the best in category for Innovation in AR/VR at the 13th Aegis Graham Bell Awards, which showcased remarkable innovations from diverse companies in India

09 Mar

Immersive Technologies Transforming the Indian Automotive Sector

Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality can disrupt the conventional methods of automotive design and development and can significantly shrink the overall product development life cycle.

27 Jan

Top 10 AR/VR start-ups of 2022

Innovate Labs has been recognized by Silicon India Startup City among the top 10 AR/MR start-up of 2022 in India.

17 Dec

Immersive Technologies are redefining the future of Indian education

Learn how augmented, virtual, and mixed reality are playing a critical role in improving the learning experience of school students.

16 Nov

What’s the big deal with the metaverse?

When a new technology comes along that could change how we interact with the digital world, the implications can be staggering. Deloitte USA explore what Metaverse can mean to you

04 Aug

Metaverse Report - The Future is here

The metaverse industry chain is extensive and complicated, with many investment opportunities in the hardware, software, content and application links. Read Deloitte China’s views on looking to grasp investment opportunities in the metaverse

04 Aug

The Metaverse Overview

With the sharp drop in Meta's stock price in Feb'22, excessive enthusiasm around Metaverse has since started to subside, and people now view the Metaverse opportunity more rationally. This paper from Deloitte tries to answers few key questions

04 Aug

The Corporate Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Metaverse

Boston Consulting Group partners with leaders in business and society to tackle their most important challenges and capture their greatest opportunities. Read BCG take on Metaverse and opportunities

04 Aug

Meet me in the Metaverse

Businesses are racing toward a future very different from the one they were designed to operate in. Are you ready for the metaverse? Read Accenture's take on Future of Metaverse and how it will impact our lives in near and foreseeable Future

29 Jul

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